Henry's Acres
Contact: Shawn & Jenny Carson
Address: 2500 Blue Rd Rock Hill, SC, 29730
Email Address:
Phone: 803-448-2767
About Us
We are a super small farm located in York County. We say "farm" but its actually a 60'x60' garden area surrounded by trees. We do have 6 chickens, 5 cats and 2 dogs. We love animals. We bought the land where our "farm" is to preserve some of the natural environment in York Count and began farming soon after.

We are non-certified organic. We do not dig nor till our soil. (We did an initial till when we prepared the rows.) We use no chemical or sprays of any of our products. We are engaged in sustainable farming practice and attempt to manage pests by encouraging beneficials, (frogs, birds, bees, etc). We use of row covers and hand-pick bugs.

We seed either with an Earthway Seeder, or by hand. We use no gas powered equipment on our rows. (We may in the future use a tiller to clear weeds from walkways but have done so at this point.)

We grow your food using well water, compost, azomite (rock dust) and CoopPoop fertilizer.

We buy our seeds from Johnny's, High-Mowing, Burpees, Lowes and Home Depot.