Honest Elderberry
Contact: Meghan Lowery
City: Rock Hill, SC, 29732
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About Us
Honest Elderberry Co is mama founded and family operated! Through a struggle of my own health concerns, I've witnessed firsthand what a difference real, organic ingredients can make in ones quality of life. I am passionate about sharing what i've learned along the way and bringing awareness to the options we have when it comes to caring for ourselves and families. Our name originated after my daughter's middle name, Honesty. My hope and mission is to instill into her that one of the most honorable things is to build a life on integrity and that begins with honesty. And, this company is no different. It is built on the foundation of integrity through ingredients, how we interact with others and the whole process!
We source our berries directly from farmers and are committed to always using organic and FRESH berries. Our spices are sourced from an organic and fair trade coop. We use a raw, local NC & SC honey sourced from the president of our bee association - some of the best we've tried!