Crazy Chic Heritage Farm, Ltd. Co.
Contact: Abbie and Shaun Kowalke
Address: 450 Kenal Rd Ridgeway, SC, 29130
Email Address:
Phone: 843-475-6294
About Us
Crazy Chic Heritage Farm is a family run farm with Kune Kune heritage pigs, Dexter cattle, a variety of chicken breeds, Kiko goats, honey bees, and horses. We provide for our community with chicks and chickens from our small hatchery year round and pastured proteins: beef, pork, chicken, goat, and eggs. It is our goal to continue to grow our farm and make available fresh, healthy, delicious food while maintaining a happy, healthy, and natural environment on the farm. We are available for educational tours and demonstrations by appointments and special events.
Grass fed, Naturally Raised, Rotational Grazing, Self-sufficiency