Carolina Sweet Tree
Contact: Michael and Marianne Paradise
Address: 543 Low Rider Dr Richburg, SC, 29729-8227
Email Address:
Phone: 803-209-2225
Website: 543 Low Rider Dr
About Us
     Welcome to Sweet Tree, South Carolina’s Forest Farmstead. Here in the southern pines, we are cultivating a special forest farm we call Sweet Tree. At Sweet Tree, we are learning how to live self-sustainability in the off the land and grow as many superfoods as we can such as mulberries, mushrooms and microgreens. 

    In our secret garden hidden in the pine forest, we are cultivating  Mulberry Trees like never before here in the South.  Along with our sweet trees, we also are planting many varieties of other sustainable fruit trees including fig, peach, plum, cherry,  persimmon, and moringa. Did you know Moringa CAN gro here in the south?
Also in our high wind-tunnel style greenhouse, we are growing many varieties of delicious Microgreens. Microgreens are compact nutrition and high energy superfoods. Everything we grow is organic and grown in natural sunshine using forest mulch to fertilize. You will not find growing lights or chemical fertilizers here. 

     Our farmstead is a cozy 5-acre food forest in Chester County, South Carolina. We hope to inspire others to live organically in nature resourcing mother nature who provides tall we need for self-sustainability survival.  Our 350 ft. artesian well waters our crops with perfection and NO CHLORINE or Flouride which is found in all city water.            

     By cultivating untouched land the pine forest to make it habitable for humans, We want to show you how it is possible to live naturally in the forest and prosper. We want to show you A RE Newed Way of life outside the chaos of the modern world and technology, communing with nature which is a highlight of the human experience. 

     Check out our blog: Living in the forest to see our journey while we are carving into the pines to create our Sweet Farmstead. Learn how you too can be part of the new culture of the forest!
Organic and pure farming using artesian wells and sunlight!