T & M Farm
Contact: Tom and Maria West
Address: 2275 Farmwood Estates Chester, SC, 29706
Email Address:
Phone: 803-385-7467
About Us
We are located in Chester and have been growing and selling produce for 35 years. Recently, at Chester County Farmer's Market and Rock Hill's Old Town Farmer's Market. We are a small farm and take pride in selling pesticide/herbicide free Certified SC Grown seasonal vegetables. We are expanding to include a variety of fruits and herbs. Presently, we have nine beehives to help pollinate our crops; and, we are able to harvest delicious honey and make pure beeswax candles. We have chickens now and are able to add to our list of items we sell: farm fresh, free range, large grade A brown eggs. Don't be surprised to get a double-yolk egg.