Growing JOY Farms
Contact: Jeremy Haltiwanger
Address: 1564 Beltline Road PO Box 1674, Fort Mill, SC 29716 Chester, SC, 29706
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About Us
Growing JOY Farms is a startup craft farm started in October 2019. The goals of the farm are to produce the freshest, highest quality produce that our customers want while also employing special needs individuals to help operate the farm.
Growing JOY uses a variety of farm practices. The main technique utilized is aquaponics. We have created a symbiotic ecosystem combining aquaculture (fish) and hydroponic techniques (raft system and NFT system) that makes for a natural, sustainable growing application. We also grow outside in a traditional manner utilizing sustainable practices such as cover crops and crop rotations which allows us to limit the use of pesticides and fertilizers while also preserving our environment.