Gypsy Wind Farms
Contact: Brad Hoffman
Address: 3005 Buckhead Road Blair, SC, 29015
Email Address:
Phone: 803-369-1078
About Us
Our farm’s focus is raising registered Barbados Blackbelly Sheep and Heritage Breed pork, including the curly-haired Mangalitsa. BB Lamb and Mutton is mild-flavored and tender with less fat than wooled breeds. Mangalitsa pork is considered by many to be the ‘Kobe Beef of the Pork World' and is a red meat with beautiful marbling. We produce lamb, pork, chicken and free-range eggs; all raised naturally on pesticide/herbicide-free pastures. Come visit our SC Certified Roadside Market! SC Agritourism Passports available here! Check our website for contact information and directions.