Serenity Acres Farm
Contact: Barbara Denny
Address: 2618 Black Hwy York, SC, 29745
Email Address:
Phone: 803-209-2806
About Us
Serenity Acres Farm, eggs and more! Since March 2012, I have been creating a peaceful place where man and animal co-exist with nature. Located near York, South Carolina, my farm is named Serenity Acres Farm. Beginning with a small flock, my hens are given the opportunity to live a happy life, running around bug hunting and exercising in the sun. They are fed wholesome grains that my local feed store blends. I cannot say it is non-GMO, since pollination cannot offer that guarantee, but it is the healthiest feed I can offer the ‘girls’. They seem to love it and produce an abundance of eggs that I am now certified to offer to the public. I do not plan on creating an institutional egg operation that loses the intimate relationship I have with my “girls”. Therefore, I will only offer a limited quantity of eggs for sale. Serenity Acres Farm also has gentle and pure soaps, creams and lotions from contented dairy goats. I hand-make these products as well as other herbal products including therapies, salves, teas and bath products that you can purchase on this site. As a Certified Herbalist, Reflexologist and Reiki Master, I also provide healing sessions on the farm. Please feel free to visit my website to learn more about the farm and the healing modalities found there. Local products Chemical and pesticide free Certified South Carolina farmer